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Why Choose Us
The advantages of using Pushpak Logistics Pvt Ltd (PLPL) services :
  • Door-2-Door/Door-2-Port/Port-2-Port/Port-2-Door & other modes of tailor-made packages to suit various need to our customers.
  • Factory Stuffing & Factory De-stuffing, Factory Stuffing & Port De-stuffing, Port Stuffing & Port De-stuffing, Port Stuffing & Factory De-stuffing service.
  • We offer reliable/cost effective service with cargo safety and hassle free shipping with better frequency.
  • Schedule service with fixed day departure and arrival (eta/etd).
  • A good tie up with all major Indian coastal lines to provide better service without any delay.
  • Own Warehousing/CFS facilities for Cargo/Container storage at strategic locations like Cochin Tuticorin with trained staff.
  • Won fully functional offices network at all ports of Gujarat and have branches in all Kerala/Tamilnadu as well strong associate agents network in Goa and Karnataka.
  • Own l 06+truncks/multi axle trailers & 250+ attached fleets network all over India to provide a good service without any delay.
The Advantages of Coastal Transportation are Considerable :
  • It adds vital dimension to the nations Multi-modal transportation system.
  • Logistics that protect the planet, service called eco friendly, economical and eco commercial services.
  • It is environmental friendly and helps reduce pollution.
  • It is energy efficient.
  • It offers better cargo safety-no shortage, damage, pilferage or theft.
  • It protects national highway from damages and congestions.
  • It offer round-the-clock operation throughtout the year.
  • It is reliable, cost effective and safe.
Acheivements so far :
  • Market Leader in India's Coastal Forwarders Market.
  • We are doing approx 1300 Containers per month onWest Coastal Movement.
  • Achieved 35-40% Market Share onWest Coast Domestic Container Movements.
  • More Than 50,000 Containers handled till the date on Door to Door Basis.
  • Owned Working Fleets:- In Gujarat 35 /Kerala 42/ Tamilnadu 10.